FlashGet is a freeware download manager (formerly shareware,adware) for Microsoft Windows. It is extremely popular, and the standard download manager in China and many other places.


* Integration with web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla,Firefox
* Can download a sequence of files
* Integrated web crawler
* Language support
* Support MMS, BitTorrent and RTSP downloads.

* Manages downloaded files easily.

* Automatically search for the fastest server available for the fastestpossible downloads.
* The ability to split files into up to 10parts, with each part downloading simultaneously.

* Superior ease-of-use. FlashGet's interface is logical,informative and customizable.
* Compatible with Vista

Changelog FlashGet Version

- Fixed the bug to restore download window when opening Torrent seeds
- Fixed the bug that errors occur when opening certain Torrents
- Fixed the bug that application exits automatically when downloading some eMule jobs
- Fix the bug that the upnp function for eMule module causes application freezing when  startup

Download: FlashGet freeware
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: FlashGet Home Page

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One of the major FG problems is that the program doesn't have an exclusion site lists lie:

when i login to my ISP Webmail, there are some scripts which ends with EXE and flashget tries to download the file from the url
If i can add an exclusion, flashget will not monitor the url which begins with my ISP name

when i have try to download a file from rapidshare, flashget tries to download the file but it is not the url of file, it is a web page,
for example : http://rapidshare.com/files/17911880/xxxsdsdsds.rar
As you know, we must click FREE button first to download a file from rapidshare.
If I can add an exclusion like this "http://rapidshare.com/files/*" ,flashget will not monitor and will not try to download. Because the url begins with the quotes i said.

I don't remember if version 1.73 has that option or not

1.8x has never really had a problem for me except at one point in 1.80 beta when getflash.dll was crashing IE but they fixed that. I just hate the fact they took some options away that were available in 1.7x that more advanced users liked.

FG is great but sadly while the new 1.8.x releases look nicer they're a lot more unstable

When will they fix the bug in jcatch.dll that causes IE7 and other windows to malfunction!!

I still prefer FG to Orbit/FDM/netXfer though. Currently I'm using the classic 1.7.3 version which seems more stable.