Flickr adds Twitter integration

Flickr has launched Twitter integration. The Flickr Blog reports that Twitter functionality has been added to the photo management tool.

You can upload photos to both Flickr and Twitter, or use the functionality to tweet about an already existing photograph. The system will automatically shorten the url using a "" URL.

Getting started is simple enough and instructions can be found here.

The Flickr Blog has also provided us with a sample image of a tweeted photo:

This news must come as disconcerting to TwitPic, a website which allows the sharing of photos on Twitter. TwitPic seems to be the most widely used tool for photo sharing on the social networking giant, but this may not be the case in the near future.

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The client DestroyTwitter has been using this feature for probably just over a month now. Its integrated like TwitPic.

We still can't have the most basic and common functionality of changing the colour of our album pages, but hey, at least we can post our photos to a thoroughly useless micro-blogging website. Today is a good day to be alive!

Why can't there be more ANTI-twitter/twatter sites.
Hopefully one day that will just die along with facebook and all that other commercialised huge-advert-bases profit crap.

Cool I guess. A one step approach is always preferred. Every thing is linked up now.

Upload a pictute to Flickr > blog to Twitter > syncs with Facebook.

I've been wondering why flickr didn't offer this service when twitter just started.
Good to see they are trying to claim their rightfull place in the twitterverse :-P