Flickr Launches Video Service

Yahoo's Flickr has launched Flickr Video, which allows "pro" accounts to upload 90-second video clips. Flickr's limit is much lower than Google's YouTube and is designed to avoid copyright issues. Adobe rolled out Media Player 1.0, based on its Air platform. Adobe's Media Player 1.0 makes online video available outside a browser.

Flickr, a groundbreaking Web 2.0 site when it launched but relatively quiet since it was acquired by Yahoo in 2005, launched Flickr Video, which allows "pro" users to upload 90-second video clips. Pro accounts start at $25 a year and offer unlimited uploads, although no individual video can exceed 150 megabytes.

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Ninety seconds might not seem like a lot, but your typical teenager can have sex eighteen times during that time. That's a whole lot of videos to show to their mates.

roflmao, funny one! XD
and 90 secs is indeed WAY too little...
especially when you see that you pay for your account.

tbh with that incredible amount of limiting free users i cant see a point in favoring flickr over picasa for example...
flickr is just waaay too restrictive...

Glassed Silver:mac

...they should have sticked with the photo service.

That's what the "Flickr" brand was famous for. Photography.

PS: GREAT article.[/sarcasm] WTF does Adobe Air have to do with Flickr?
and WTF with the repeating the same thing twice :P