Flipboard app for Windows 8.1 finally released

One of the most long awaited Windows 8.1 apps has finally arrived. Flipboard, which was first announced during the BUILD 2013 conference, is now available for download for Windows 8.1 users via the Windows Store.

As with the previously released iOS and Android versions, the Flipboard app offers users a way to read their favorite news web sites and social media outlets in a magazine style format. Flipboard has stated they made an extra effort on the Windows 8.1 version, including a way to pin pages from the app to the Start screen so that users can see updated stories via Live tiles. The video above has a good tutorial on the new app. Keep in mind that the app is just for Windows 8.1 and won't work with the older Windows 8 OS.

Flipboard has also announced plans to release a version made for Windows Phone devices, although there's no word on a specific release date yet. Earlier this week, the long awaited Vine app for the mobile OS was released although it ran into some post-launch sign in issues. We are still awaiting word on when Windows Phone will be getting an official Instagram app which was finally announced last month at Nokia World.

Source: Windows Store via WPCentral

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Same but different. I just like the formatting way better. Personal magazines are cool for read it later "Flip it" function from a browser.

Nice, couldn't find this in the store, but followed the Windows Store link above. I installed it on my Surface Pro 2, and I can't seem to do anything in the app - can't login, can't even flip from the initial page. What gives?! Tried reinstalling it, but no go.

I'm in the UK, and although it didn't show up in the Windows Store when searching for it, I followed a link to it in the Windows Store from WPCentral and then installed it without any problems. Weird.

WOW! What a beautifully designed app! I'm glad they took their time and made a truly amazing experience rather than a simple port. Great job!