Folding@Home Now at 700 Teraflops

With the one month anniversary of the PS3's contribution to Folding@Home it has now been announced that any one moment Folding@Home is producing 700 Teraflops of processing power, 400 of which is currently contributed by PS3 consoles. Over 250,000 PS3 consoles have signed up to the service since March. "The PS3 turnout has been amazing, greatly exceeding our expectations and allowing us to push our work dramatically forward," said Vijay Pande, associate professor of Chemistry at Stanford University and Folding@home program lead.

It's not just the PS3 that has contributed to a jump in power, PC usage has grown 20% this month as awareness of the scheme is bolstered by the PS3's success. "Thanks to PS3, we have performed simulations in the first few weeks that would normally take us more than a year to calculate. We are now gearing up for new simulations that will continue our current studies of Alzheimer's and other diseases," Vijay Pande added.

The project is also making a new software update available for PS3 owners. The 1.1 version improves visibility of donor locations on the globe, folding calculation speed and protein viewing. There's also additional language support, help screen hints, and improved donor-name length and character handling.

News source: Folding@Home

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It's realy good for this nice project. I'm sorry for the Ps3, the only good thing it can do is to help this project since there are no cool games for it to act as a game console, they have to use it to this project. Well done to the Ps3 anyway!

Hey guys,

I'm running the "no nonsense" (console) version of FAH, and I'm just wondering if there's any way to minimize it to tray. As it stands, it only minimizes to Taskbar, which is quite annoying.

The no-nonsense version doesn't appear in the tray, it only runs as a service...

You're talking about the version for Windows, right?

Ohhh, I know what you did.

Did you just install it? The dos prompt goes away after you restart, from then on out it only runs as a service.

gwai lo said,
Ohhh, I know what you did.

Did you just install it? The dos prompt goes away after you restart, from then on out it only runs as a service.

Negative. I tried it. It's not a Service.

Try it yourself and see.

Can't remember what article I read.... but it mentions this, saying that if enough PS3's get onboard, it'll make the world's fastest supercomputer look like a kindergarten calculator.

Might as well make good use of the games do at this point!

So from the stats page, the actual performance of a PS3 is 13 Gigaflops, The performance of a ATI X1900 card is 59 Gigaflops. :nuts:
Its more than 4 times faster for this app!

I'm quite sure that this story is about a PS3 cluster....

I reckon that 25,000 PS3s providing 400 Tflps of computational power counts as a super cluster...

The only type of app where the Cell is usefull and the only app that is able to actually use anywhere near the full power of the PS3' Cell

Protein folding games... somehow it doesn't seem like it would be as much fun as it sounds

Nice to hear the PS3's are making a difference, hopefully they can cure some diseases within the near future.


You should get a more descriptive and functional nickname – like Sh¡t-for-Brains. Then everyone will know what to expect when post.

Maybe you should dust off your doctorate....put your keyboard down, and get your ass over to the labs and direct these individuals to the cure since you seem to know so much about it.

Cures to what? Cancer or Aids? Alot of this would be going towards research that you will never hear about, improvements to over the counter drugs ect. That and if anything is found it'll likely take years of further testing and research + funding until anything is able to be hit the market anyway.

adversedeviant said,
so wheres the cures already? i doubt anything will come out of this.

Probly not but it is fun to believe vs asking others to face dismal realities. Just like you can't stop me from believing in multiple gods. How is your Seti working now? This is another sprocket in a profit machine.

first off go to the site and see what this program has accomplished other than its stats ... 700teraflops at any given moment allows lots of proteins to be analyzed. After these proteins binding sites have been discovered we'll have a better idea of why particular ones are used by viruses and we can focus research on those binding sites to prevent those viruses from doing that. In fact this program has completely mapped the p53 gene which has been linked to cancers and it apart of our natural lac operon... needless to say it is huge news for those of us who go to university and work in the field.

To those who say this will probably not lead to a cure that isn't the goal of this program, this program will provide us with information to further facilitate research in particular areas and also help in speeding up research in protein related fields.

And what if you suffer from disease and the only hope for cure is the protein-folding research?
Will you make such comment again?

adversedeviant said,
lol. omg they say its to help mankind so it must be true! for all you know all your ps3's are helping the simulation of atomic bombs for the u.s.
Wow, you really aren't smart are you?

Guest said,

hahahhahaha........ I knew I'd come back to see an assinine post.

Atomic research, you should go back to your educational facility and demand a refund. Smack your teacher for letting you out in the wild...

That was my post folks.....didn't see that I wasn't signed in.

This is incredible! Can't believe how well PS3s seem to be able to handle these calculations. Shame there aren't any protein folding games out yet - it's obvious that the PS3 was really designed for it!