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Some users on Neowin may have noticed that the font sizes have been changing over the last few days across some of the themes. Currently the CSS (stylesheet) for Classic, Violet and the Default Blue have been updated with cross browser compatible font sizes (#.em definition). Once all the themes have been updated we'll be dropping netscape6.css in favour of 1 stylesheet that works correctly on all major browsers.

The font size on the main page now matches the size used in the forums, it makes the news a lot easier to read and comes after many suggestions from members to 'up the size a bit'.

To view the change you will need to load one of the above themes in Internet Explorer. Firefox users will see the changes once the new stylesheet is updated across all the themes and I can make the changes needed to load the one stylesheet instead of having the browser select either one or the other.

Comments are welcome, if there are any bugs or font sizes that don't look right please feel free to comment.

View: Default Blue Style | Classic or Violet

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I've changed things on the Classic theme to size the font size of news text down a bit. Please let me know your comments.

What I find hilarious is that we've had this same font size on the forums for the longest time and no one has complained. It's just bringing things inline with those sizes.

I did appologize above beacuse the response was harsh, but stick by the changes. I'm mainly concerned with people that think it should go right back down to the 8pt font it was before. That is just *way* too small, and has always been a problem with me. Especially considering I have a 23" monitor, so it's even more magnified for me.

We're at .75em right now, so maybe .72 or .73 will work better. We're definitely not going back because that was way too small. If you need to resize, use your browser's font resizing options. I'll see if we can make it work with IE again.