Forbes agrees with Bloomberg: Bill Gates is the richest person in the world

It took nearly a year but now two rival business media outlets agree that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is once again the richest person on Earth. Forbes' newly updated list of the 500 wealthiest individuals put Gates in the number one spot.

Forbes previously had Mexican telecommunications mogul Carlos Slim in the number one slot for the past four years. However, thanks in part to the price of Microsoft's stock going up in the past year, Forbes now says that Gates is ahead of Slim with a current net worth of $76 billion. Gates has been on the top of Forbes' list for 15 out of the past 20 years.

Of course, you could say that Forbes is simply catching up to what Bloomberg has already reported. The media outlet updates its Bloomberg Billionaires Index on a constant basis and in May 2013, they claimed that Gates had gone ahead of Slim to take over the number one slot on their list.

While most of Gates' time is taken up with his work with the non-profit Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it was recently announced that he would become more involved at Microsoft as a Technology Advisor helping the company's new CEO Satya Nadella.

Source: Forbes | Image via Microsoft

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If there is one men that should be the healtiest men on Earth, it should be Bill Gates. I for one wonder how rich he would be if he didn't gave so much money to research.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions.

There are three ways to estimate the wealth of a person:

1) by looking at their bank statements;
2) by looking at their income tax statements;
3) by estimating the value of their holdings (shares, properties);

Since data in points number 1 and 2 is closed, not publicly available, we are left with holdings.

When it comes to share valuation, only publicly traded companies have a market value of their shares.

If a company is private, if its shares are not listed on any stock exchange, then it becomes progressively harder, next to impossible to estimate its value without any insider information. Private companies are not obliged to do as much reporting or disclose information compared to public companies.

And there are many big private companies out there...

I would have loved to see Bill Gates be CEO for Microsoft again. I would have loved to see how Bill would handle this new era in the tech industry. The drama would be awesome, especially if Steve Jobs were still alive.

Better him having all this money then some other industry mogul.
At least he'll do some good with most of that money by the end of his lifetime

Andre S. said,
And he probably single-handedly does the most good in the world. An inspiration for this generation.

With the resources he has I can't help but feel he could do more with them. That said I do appreciate what he is doing.

TheExperiment said,
With the resources he has I can't help but feel he could do more with them.
Like what? Given how many people are looking to cheat and exploit donors in any way possible, it's actually a damn difficult job giving away money to worthy causes that you know will utilize it properly.

It's amazing what time does... I remember when he was first named richest in the world and people called him "evil" for it... now he's still it and it's "awesome" because just like the first time for who he is..

he's always been a caring person, his only flaw was he's an aggressive person who wants what he wants now.. even with his foundation, he want's movement and he wants it now.. sure in the past that caused problems (anti-trust) but it's also a good trait to have too

He used to be associated with some very negative press on tactics used during the height of his career at MS, contrast this to now when he is focusing on more altruistic goals, and is associated with a Microsoft comeback.

I think all of us should pray that Bill is number 1 for many years to come, because a LOT of these money will go to medical research and poor countries. Don't care about the past, Microsoft, whatever, the guy is an example that should be followed by all the rich people in this world. God bless you, Mr. Gates.

TDT said,
I think all of us should pray that Bill is number 1 for many years to come, because a LOT of these money will go to medical research and poor countries.

Not for free.

Well he is the richest person declared his wealth. There are many many that have more money but no one knows and they do not pay taxes...