Ford to offer HD radio on most vehicles

Ford Motor on Wednesday said it would offer high-definition digital radio on nearly all 2008 model year Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles as a dealer-installed option. Ford said digital radio could also be installed on earlier models from 2005, 2006 and 2007. U.S. radio operators are working aggressively to promote HD radio, which receives over-the-air terrestrial stations with CD-quality sound and multiple new-program formats, in an effort to better compete with ever-increasing digital music options. The industry has pledged to spend $250 million on marketing through the HD Digital Radio Alliance. Hyundai, BMW and Ford-owned, Britain-based Jaguar had previously announced plans to offer HD radio. General Motors and Chrysler Group have not yet committed to the devices.

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HD Radio means Hybrid Digital Radio, not High Definition.

Digital Radio can sound better than a decent FM signal, but only if it's been encoded well and at a high enough bitrate.

Have you heard the difference?

I am guessing not. Who cares that is is "merely digital FM" - the results are literally the difference between standard FM and CD quality.

Its not just digital FM its digital AM as well and when it syncs up it is night and day..HDam sounds better than any FM you've ever heard. I think people are confusing satellite with HD. Hardly anyone knows this even exists.

solardog said,
I'm not sure, but I think Sirius/XM and HD can coexist.

They can, I have only XM now but I had both xm and sirius at one point, it just seems like having more than 1 specialty receiver is a waste, I never used my Sirius once i got XM and the only time I have on terrestrial is in someone elses car that doesn't have a sat.

same here. I'm in the San Francisco south bay area and many of the stations are high def now, but almost all of them fade in and out of the high def range so much that its just annoying. They do sound excellent when they sync up tho...they just don't stay very long. Im in one of those shadow areas....base of the Santa Cruz mountains...thats always caused reception problems ..I thought high def would bypass that tho.

very cool... I love my HD hario... in fact - if it is not HD, I don't listen to it. Most HD stations have 2nd channel that is (usually) commercial free.