Formac ups its Portable Hard Drives to 250GB

Formac has bumped its Disk Mini Portable Drive series from 160GB to 250GB. The company's latest USB 2.0 portable hard drive measures 129-x-92-x-22mm and weighs only 124g. The drive draws power over the USB connection and is equipped with an integrated shock absorption system designed to protect the device from accidental impact damage. Other capacities include 80GB, 120GB and 160GB. It contains a 5,400rpm drive with a transfer rate of 480Mb/s (the maximum transfer supported by USB 2.0). The Disk Mini ships with a two-year warranty and is compatible with both PC and Mac computers. Prices start at £95 ($190 USD) for the 250GB model.

View: Disk Mini Portable Drive
News source: PC World

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This really is not news at all. Just because a company has placed the largest capacity 2.5" HDD available in the current market into an external case (it really isn't that small either!) does not make it front page news. I happen to have a 250GB drive in my Macbook Pro. My vantec enclosure is most definately thinner than the one shown here and it has an eSATA port. I love macs I really do, but just because a company creates a new product intended for macs does not make them innovators.