Former Microsoft Executive Tony Bates jumps ship to GoPro

Tony Bates, former Executive Vice President of Microsoft, has jumped ship to GoPro where he will serve as President for the company. Mr Bates has also been appointed to the Board of Directors where he will report directly to CEO, Nicholas Woodman. With more than 25 years of communications and technology under his belt, his input into the GoPro team could prove to be priceless. 

Bates has expressed his delight at the new challenge and looks forward to working at the company. Alongside himself, Peter Gotcher (Chairman of Dolby Labotories) has also been recruited. Both individuals are thoroughly experienced, with Woodman stating "Their vision will help us realize our vision for enabling people to self capture engaging content".

The article quotes Tony Bates, saying: 

It's an honor to join the team. GoPro represents everything that excites me in a company. Incredible products, compelling content, a world-renowned brand and above all, amazing people who make it happen. Working for a technology company that creates products that people love and that capture life's magical moments is a dream come true.

Previously working at Skype, Mr Bates pushed the online communication service through the introduction of paid services, such as premium phone calling and group video sessions. Tony Bates has also been a part of the directing boards for YouTube and LoveFilm in the past.

GoPro is renowned for providing mobile cameras that have the ability to capture all kinds of extreme activities. The devices are used all over the globe for professional and amateur purposes, and are hugely popular within the industry. As to what the future holds for the company in the wake of these recent acquisitions, only time will tell.  

Source: MarketWatchImage via SB Nation

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the guy who didn't even release Skype for windows phone 8 until MSFT made him, shouldn't have been working for that company.

Honestly, skype didn't bring much of exciting feature back when windows live messenger was full of interesting little stuff to play like spamming nudge and voice emotion, colorful text for username through extension and many more. Eventually, they decided to merge two of the service together which is a big NO NO in my opinion because the audience age disparity is palpable.

Good.... hopefully it'll allow someone else who can bring Skype into the ecosystem better and on par with Messenger.

Moved or was pushed? Either way I just hope that with him gone Skype can improve. I know they are amidst large back end changes but it really has become a hot mess over the past few years.

I think it is good for MSFT that he moved on. Not knowing the entire story... but Skype has certainly failed to innovate and spread like other up and coming communication platforms.

Skype should have been challenging Whatsapp, etc... Instead Skype barely works well with multiple devices, apps lag on multiple platforms, and its has lost being a "cool" communication platform.

Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc... all seem to be hip, while hardly anyone discusses Skype. Skype is still a market leader, but certainly seems like it should be much further along than it is.

Have to admit, I moved off Skype completely due to sound issues...haven't had any problems with any of the alternatives we've tested.

I'm a GoPro fan and user so I hope he does well, or at least doesn't screw the pooch. It's all about results in the end and lately there have been some very high profile well paid people failing miserably.

I don't recall anyone too happy with the Skype acquisition when it meant Messenger would be killed. Some of the people that supported the acquisition felt the Messenger backend would be done in no time. Well it's 2014...