Forza 2 Demo Out This Week?

Rumours are circulating that Microsoft will release the promised Forza 2 demo this week, but with the clock ticking the company's running out of time to prove the rumours true. We've not heard anything from Microsoft on a release date for the demo as yet - but who knows, maybe it'll surprise us tomorrow or Friday. Or maybe not.

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Should have gotten PGR3 then.

or get some cool online racing on TDU.

or maybe just nto spam Anti 360 trash in news about new xbox360 games.

n3urotic said,
I'm playing GT4 on my PS2 while my XBOX360 sits there doing nothing.

You realize that makes you stupid right? Some things are better left unsaid, just so you don't look like a complete nut.

Have got PGR3 and TDU, not as much depth as Forza or GT. Will be getting Forza 2 when it eventually comes out. But as of now, the void is filled by GT4

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