Fossett Sought via Google Earth

Images from Google Earth are being enrolled in the search for adventurer Steve Fossett. Many people are scouring up-to-date satellite images of Nevada to try to spot Mr Fossett's downed plane or wreckage. The project is being co-ordinated via Amazon's human-powered problem solving scheme called the Mechanical Turk. It comes after a frustrating weekend in which searchers failed to turn up any sign of Mr Fossett.

Mr Fossett went missing on 3 September after taking off in his single-engine Citabria aircraft from the Flying M Ranch near Yerington, Nevada. The trip was supposed to last a maximum of three hours. The search for Mr Fossett or his downed plane covers 44,000 sq km (17,000 square miles) of Nevada's wilderness as well as parts of California.

In a bid to help searchers focus their efforts, Google released up-to-date images of Nevada for the search giant's Google Earth software. Following the release of the images, Amazon created a collaborative search scheme run via its Mechanical Turk system. The Mechanical Turk pays people to perform tasks that computers would struggle to complete, such as translating text or evaluating images.

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News source: BBC News

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So Google have updated their images just for that area then? I know the ones in my area were taken well over 2 years ago.

all you need to do is go missing. we can then ask google to update the images in your area, once updated we can spot you, we'll become famous for 15minutes then we can fade back into obscurity again.

this guy is a dick, and really needs to learn how to stop breaking his vehicles, isn't he the same guy that cost the aus peope sh&tloads of money in the previous 2 crashes he had.

the guy needs to stop wasting everyones money searching for him. sorry but twioce is already to many times, i say leave him, if he aint going to learn why should the poeple keep paying for his rescues.

whocares78 said,

not a very good one :)

He should put aside some of this fortune as a rescue fund and give his family access so they can use that to find him if he ever gets lost again.......some pilot?