Four upcoming Motorola handsets

Motorola has a few interesting designs set to launch in 2009. Currently only codenames and images are available for the phones. The four devices known to us are: FLASH (pictured below), a touchscreen-only device, RUSH2 and CALGARY with a QWERTY keyboard and INFERNO, a flip phone.

The FLASH looks sleek and sexy with a large touchscreen face and sharp angles on the edges, possibly competing against the iPhone. In the picture, the second button on the phone seems to be a Windows logo creating speculation that this device will use Windows Mobile. As this device will be coming out in 2009, it is very possible it will be using Microsoft's latest Windows Mobile 6.5.

Images courtesy of Boy Genius Report

RUSH2, a quite ugly and older looking QWERTY model will be shipping early next quarter.

The CALGARY, on the other hand, is quite interesting with a slideout keyboard that appears to be touch-based rather than having dedicated keys. In my opinion, it would be a great addition to the Android platform.

INFERNO is a slim flip phone similar to their RAZR series. It is shown to be running the same operating system as CALGARY in the pictures.

Unfortunately, there is currently no information as to what operating system or specifications will appear on these handhelds. There will no doubt be many surprises in the year ahead. Look for more information on Neowin closer to the launch dates.

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i hate the look of motorola's keypads...HATE IT.

if the final model of the phones qwerty pad comes out like that, im going to throw up.

Man..they make ok phones now. I got my parents the Motorola Zine with a 5MP camera with Xenon Flash..and it's pretty good..even in comparison to my N82. The Zine doesn't have GPS, but it has a sync feature that my N82 doesn't have with T-Mobile (not a standard handset, I know). Everything else is even has a cool panaromic setting..and it's pretty slim. The UI is not as bad as the older phones (Razr) and it's pretty fast..I like when companies turn themselves's good for competition and seems Motorola may be heading in the right direction again. Touchscreen hybrids in candy bar style is what I want. I want my N82 with a touchscreen..