FourBros Studios keep showing Windows Phone growth with Taptitude

In March 2011, developer FourBros Studios launched the first version of its free Windows Phone game Taptitude. In April 2012, the company released some statistics from the first year of Taptitude, which now features 80 mini-games to play, showing growth in both the number of downloads and in the number of ad banner impressions generated for the game.

This week, the team released yet another look at those numbers for Taptitude and it shows that the game has now seen an acceleration in daily download growth since the end of 2012. Taptitude has now generated over one million downloads since it launched over 2 years ago.

Taptitude's daily download numbers have not gone below 2,000 and on a few occasions have been reached 9,000 downloads. In terms of ad impressions, the game generates around 40 million banner ads a month and on occasion reaches 50 million. The number of dollar amounts per 1,000 ad impressions has gone down and the total amount of revenue generated by Taptitude is now around $15,000 a month.

The game added support for in-app purchases in 2013 but so far the amount of revenue made by that method is about five percent of Taptitude's total revenue model. All in all, however, the team is pleased with the release of the game, saying that it "has been more successful than we had ever dreamed."

Source: FourBros Studios | Image via FourBros Studios

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Good to see that if a developer makes something good they will have success on Windows Phone. I expect to be surprised at BUILD and hear about how they're making it even easier to make a app and push it out to WP8, Windows 8 and most of all Xbox One.

I think it's telling that MS hasn't shown of the full Xbox One UI yet or even talked about the Xbox Store in detail.

Not at all surprised it's successful. It contains lots of little games that on their own are fun, but when you take the approach they have and integrate them all, so for example, Craftitude allows you to produce fish pellets to feed your fish in Fish Feeder, it makes it even more engaging.

For selfish reasons, it's a shame they released it on the other platforms. It was nice having something that was uniquely Windows Phone/Windows 8 that was actually really, really good.

That said, I wish them all the best. It's easily one of the best games on my Windows Phone.