Foxconn Electronics May Become World's Largest Mobo Maker

After Asustek Computer, the world's largest maker of computer mainboards, was split into three companies on the 1st of January, 2008, Foxconn Electronics, a major contract manufacturer of electronics, has a lot of chances to become the world's largest maker of motherboards this year.

As of the 1st January of 2008, Asustek Computer was split into three separate companies each targeting their own directions. Asustek Computer will continue to operate its Asus brand business, which involves a broad lineup of products, including computer mainboards and add-in-cards, notebooks and smartphones, servers and communication equipment as well as multimedia and consumer electronics devices. The newly formed Pegatron Technology Corp. will produce PC-related devices, such as mainboards and add-in-cards for third party customers, whereas the newly created Unihan Technology Corp. will produce computer cases, various modules as well as take over non-PC contract manufacturing business

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The Foxconn Mars looks good. It's been hitting over 500FSB. The only drawback might be the Northbridge heatsink, which doesn't look like it will work with many 120mm coolers (unless you turn them 90 degrees, and possibly block one of your RAM slots). You know if you're going for 500FSB, you need a big cooler, and most people would rather not use watercooling. Foxconn, are you paying attention? Why did you put that self-defeating heatsink on there? :P

Not a single bad review. Yet strangely it's not selling well at Newegg. Not enough reputation for Foxconn yet I guess.

I might buy one if the price drops. Otherwise, I'm getting the Gigabyte P35-DS3P 2.0.

Yes, but more exactly they actually make the iPod, iPod Nano, iPhone, MacMini, & MacBook Pro for Apple.
They also manufacture (at least) the mobos for the Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii, Motorola cellphones, Nokia cellphones, Sony Ericsson cellphones, and the new Amazon Kindle. Most of those products they too also manufacture from start to finish.
Dell & HP use Foxconn mobos in some of their systems too.
They also make the Intel branded mobos.

Simply put, Foxconn was already one of the largest manfucturers...its just now that their mobo line has become the largest.