Free MicroWorld AntiVirus Toolkit Utility 8.8.4

MicroWorld AntiVirus Toolkit Utility can scan & terminate Hidden Spy Software, illegal dialers, and illegal sniffers which normally are running in the background. Just download and run. No installation of this software required.

MWAV 8.x Features:

* Scans your computer completely and provides reports of any viruses that it finds.
* Checks for all illegal dialers that are present on your computer and informs you of the same.
* Informs you of any background illegal sniffers or tools like spyware, adware, keyloggers etc. running in the memory of your computer.
* You can add this utility to the startup list of programs on your computer so that it scans your computer every time you start using it.
* When you download this utility you will get it with the latest updated list of viruses so that it scans your computer for all known viruses.
* No need to install. Just download and run the MWAV toolkit to scan for viruses.
* MWAV 8.x also provides multi-language support.

Note: MicroWorld is offering this FREE MWAV Toolkit to help you to "Scan and Clean" your PC/Computer for FREE up to 15th Feb. 2007.

Download: MicroWorld AntiVirus Toolkit Utility 8.8.4
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: MicroWorld AntiVirus Toolkit Home Page

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For those interested this tool is based on the Kaspersky AV engine so it does do a fairly good job of checking for viruses and other malicious software.

It doesn't need to be installed as it's an self-extracting archive rather than a conventional installer. It has an online update feature however often it's just easier to download the latest version.

The annual fee is on the high side however it's very iconvenient if you need to scan multiple PC's or as a backup manual scanner.

Kind Regards