Free Music from Universal via new SpiralFrog Service

This coming December Universal plans to launch a website offering free downloads of their music catalog. The site will be called SpiralFrog, and according to CEO Robin Kent the site "will offer consumers a better experience and environment than they can get from any pirate site". Kent also stated that "Offering young consumers an easy-to-use alternative to pirated music sites will be compelling." Kent also highlighted some key factors such as legal digital files with no viruses or spyware in a controlled client-server architecture, quick downloading, and quality songs and music videos by great artists as among the primary benefits users will gain. The free music will be paid for by advertising on the site.

News source: Spiralfrog Press Release
News source: Reuters Canada
Link: Spiralfrog

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I don't know how people can bash this. It's free legal music. How can it be a bad thing? Sure it has DRM and such, but it's a step, no?

Quote - noroom said @ #13.3
Plus, ads IN THE SONG? Please tell me that's not true.

It says in the article itself "The free music will be paid for by advertising on the site."