Free Pinball FX2 table for Windows 8

Zen Studios, creators of the highly popular Pinball FX2 series, has announced that the pinball platform is now available on Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 8. In order to help entice the early adopters, the company is giving away the Mars table for free. Although only 19 of the tables have been ported, the company promises that new tables will be available for download in the near future.

Each table is available for $2.99, including Neowin favorites Sorcerer's Lair, Epic Quest, and the Avengers' pack. It doesn't look like the Vengeance and Virtue pack is available yet, but we suspect it will be before too long. The most recent table, Plants vs. Zombies, is also not yet available.

We urge everyone to take a break from the Metro UI and try some fun pinball. You may end up sinking hours of your time into the game, trying to get a new high score!

Source: Zen Studios

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Mars table has been on there for a while but it looks like there's achievements for it now. Loads of table have turned up after the latest update

Man, it would be absolutely fantastic if somehow the tables I already own on both the 360 and the PS3 could somehow transfer over to this version. I know the latter is nothing more than wishful thinking, but I have a decent amount of tables on my PS3 thanks to their being a Vita version, so would be nice.

Either way, this is a damn fun pinball game. Not the most realistic, but still decent physics and pretty good visuals. Gonna grab it for free no doubt.