Free Sophos Anti-Virus 4.15

SAV32CLI is a 32 bit free command line scanner used in an emergency as a disinfection utility for Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003.

To use the Sophos command line software follow the steps below:
1) Download SAV32CLI and extract the contents by double clicking the file.
2) Add the latest IDE (virus definition) files to the folder. These can be downloaded here
3) Reboot the infected computer and press when it is starting. In the Windows 2000 Advanced Options Menu select the option Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

4) Read Scanning Options with SAV32CLI

For more info please visit Sophos Knowledgebase

Download: Free Sophos Anti-Virus 4.15
View: What's New
Link: Sophos Home Page

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apps like these are only good for people who dont use anti-virus scanners that run in memory that need to do an occasional scan on there pc's.... although not having a anti-virus program in general is a bad idea.

cause i consider myself somewhat carefull but not carefull enough to avoid ALL viruses.... i rarely get viruses for the most part but i do run into em once in a while.... mostly due to shady stuff lol... if it was not for that i would probably not really need a av overall for the most part.