Free Team Fortress 2 Update Coming Thursday

On Thursday, February 14 at 11 am PST, all PC versions of Team Fortress 2, the class-based multiplayer action game named PC Game of the Year by, will receive its largest update since the product was first made available on October 10, 2007, as part of Valve's best-selling Orange Box compilation.

The free update includes global optimizations for networking, graphics, and player statistics, plus improvements to Source TV for tournament viewing.

In addition, three of the currently available maps (Dustbowl, Granary, CTF_Well) have been iterated for enhanced performance and gameplay.

The release is headlined by the introduction of "Badlands," a new map that pushes control-point gameplay onto vertical landscapes.

Available free to all Team Fortress 2 PC gamers around the world automatically via Steam, there are too many features and improvements included in this update to list here. To view the full release notes, click here

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"Added exec'ing a .cfg file on the client when you select a class to play."

Really should have been in from the start.

(Autoexec said @ #3.1)
Try telling Mercedes that!

Heh, but I somehow think computer game updates (fixes), hardly compare to a car.

I think the "Free" is supposed to emphasise the fact that this update comes with the Badlands map for free, which given that XB360 owners have to pay for new maps, is half necessary.