Free Window Sweeper 1.0

Free Window Sweeper is a free privacy tool for cleaning up the history of your activities on a computer. With simply one click, Free Window Sweeper allows you to remove Internet and computer traces, browser history, cookies, index.dat files, typed URLs and more. It also offers support for many 3rd party applications, and can clean custom file, folder or registry locations. It also has a cookie keeper and secure deletion method.

Key Features:

- Clear your browser history - Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, Mozilla FireFox
- Clear your browser cache
- Clear your visited and typed URL list
- Clear the hidden, locked INDEX.DAT file
- Clear all AutoComplete information
- Clear documents, history and "Find" searches from the Start menu
- Empty your Recycle Bin and the Windows clipboard
- Clear Windows Temporary Files Directory
- Clear Windows MediaPlayer/Real Player history.
- Clear Microsoft Office history.
- Clear Instant Messengers history.
- Clear Custom Items
- Select which cookies you want to keep
- Secure delete & Plug-Ins Support
- Boss Key support
- A simple, user-friendly interface
- 100% Spyware FREE, NOT contain any Spyware, Adware or Viruses.

Download: Free Window Sweeper 1.0
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Link: Home Page

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NightmarE D said,
It looks like a complete rip-off of CCleaner and it isn't very good.

Actually on one run it was MUCH faster than CCleaner.

Sounds like a nice tool for your average non computer savvy person when in the the situation commonly known as: HOLY **** I BROWSED PORN AGAIN AND MY "insert spouse of choice here" GETS HOME IN 5 MINUTES! :P