French government forces Google to post privacy warning on its site

A regulatory body belonging to the French government has ordered Google to place a privacy warning on their French domain today as punishment for their violation of privacy laws.

Last month, Google faced a punishment handed down by the CNIL (an independent French regulatory body dealing with data privacy laws), including a fine of just over $200,000 and a condition that required the search engine to place a disclaimer on their French homepage warning citizens of the violation. Google initially appealed the ruling, but lost in court and had to post the admission of guilt. 

According to reports, Google's violations included their failure to explain to users exactly what happened to their personal data after it was collected by the company, as well as the fact that the privacy policy didn't give users enough control over their information. The statement found on their French domain, when translated, reads:

The sanctions committee of the Commision Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés has ordered Google to pay a €150,000 fine for violations of the ‘Data-Processing and Freedoms’ law. Decision available at the following address:

While Google has been heavily scrutinized in recent months for its privacy policies and apparent legal violations (including a recent EU antitrust issue), the company is still making some attempts to appear on the up-and-up in the public eye, such as their recent announcement of the Chromebox, a device targeted towards enterprises in need of video conferencing, as well as some minor social activism for the Sochi Olympics. But Google hasn't lost out on their chance to play damage control with its French audience yet, as they are still eligible to appeal the fine and the court's decision.

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I don't wish to see all these messages along with adverts when browsing.

The net is becoming like a Police state. I just wan't to browse the net not have stupid messages and blocks and "appropriate advertisement".

When I search for porn i want porn not blocks, not adds, not silly government messages and take-down requests just the porn. Please stop it!

Good. I wish other companies that abuse it's visitors were forced to do that; like companies that take money and fail to deliver goods, like

OpenRigs have made a number of fake "positive" posts on a number of sites claiming fast delivery. I have a few friends that have been waiting over 3 months for their rigs.

$200,000.......what is that like a single day's profits? Or less? In today's world of multi-billion dollar corporations and information technology, we need to come up with more creative ways of "punishing" these people. Fines like this is just lunch money to these companies.

but the fine are too small, big companies need to fined often at random intervals & random amount, for any random reasons.

"will do them plenty of damage"

No it wont! Google already has all planet earth's population data (ok, only that part who is actively using one of Googles privacy-intrusive application), so even if they dont steal anymore personal data via their services for the rest of their existence, they already have enough data to feed their AI algorithms for decades.