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Like photography? Want to win cool prizes? Then you should pay attention to Neowin's monthly photography contest! The theme for this month's contest was "Pets," and the grand prize is an 8GB Captain Kirk Mimobot.

The April contest is now closed to new entries, but forum members are asked to pick the winner by voting for their favorite picture. Head on over to the forums, look over the submissions (clicking each person's name in the poll brings up their image), and vote for the one you think is the best. That person not only wins the Mimobot, but also gets to select the theme for the May contest.

If you missed your opportunity this month, but really enjoy photography, check out the Photography Forum next month for the May contest and maybe you can be a winner!

Source: Voting Page | Photography Forum

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crazzy88ss said,
Seriously? I have to click every link to see each image?

Not going to happen.

I know, right? I mean, I have a strict 19-click limit per day on the Internet. Once that's done, I stop using the Internet for the rest of the day. :lol:

Seriously though - you could've just gone to the submission page too and looked at the photos there, then just remembered who you liked most.

Thank you to the person who voted mine, so many great entries it's great that someone still thought mine was good enough... either that or I got a sympathy vote but I'll take it!

Enron said,
I had a picture of my cat helping me install GTX Titan, but it was taken before the contest time.

Yup - the key point of the contest is to get people out there taking pictures, not to dig through photos that they've already taken. Be sure to enter next month though!