Fujitsu Exec says solid-state disk doesn't measure up

While most major disk-drive manufacturers have developed or are already selling solid-state disk drives or hybrid drives, which use a combination of flash memory and spinning disk, Fujitsu Ltd. has chosen not to develop a product for market. Joel Hagberg, Fujitsu's vice president of business development, said his company does not plan to launch any solid-state disk-drive products over the next two years because the value proposition of the technology is not compelling enough and won't be until technology breakthroughs change solid-state disk's performance and reliability.

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Yep they dont measure up... My 2 drive SATA SSD RAID array is outragiously faster then my 2 drive 7200RPM Drive array... and not having to hear the drive heads move around or the motors is a LOT nicer and quieter

It really depends on the drive. You probably could find a 32GB SSD for $200 and another 32GB SSD for $550

The $200 one seems like a deal but when you look and realize it has 50mpbs read and 20mbps write, and the $550 drive has 120mbps read and 80mbps write you soon realize that the cheap drive isn't worth it and a hard drive will perform better.

The good SSD's are still to expensive for the consumer market, buying a "cheap" SSD is pointless because a standard hard drive beats them.

if its indeed true that SSD are so bad atm, then id call this a smart move
on the other hand, its not really helping move us toward SSD any faster

i want to have dual 1TB SSD in raid 0 in the next 2-3 years

it should read:

"the solid state disk market is a market that requires a whole new set of resources and expertise. it is also one that directly competes with our own existing hard disk market so we will declare that these products are slow and unrelaible for as long we are not offering them"