Fujitsu Makes Advancement in Hard Drive Density

Using patterned media technology, Fujitsu of America was able to achieve a one-dimensional array nanohole pattern with a 25 nanometer pitch. If that's equivalent to gibberish for you, here's what this means: future one terabit per square inch recording on HDDs, five times greater than the current drive technology. If this were possible today, we would have 3.5"; drives capable of storing 5TB or 2.5"; notebook drives holding 1.5TB.

Fujitsu's continuing research in patterned media has enabled the development of high capacity hard disk drives, especially in smaller form factors. The company has also revealed a new development involving perpendicular magnetic recording read/write operation on random patterned media. With this technology, the soft underlayer is used as the PMR media, another important milestone.

News source: DailyTech

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Fujitsu drives aren't really the best. They are quite reliable, yes, but noisy too I would always take a seagate over a fujitsu but thats just my opinion.

Also, when you have 1.5tb of storage on a single 3.5in drive, data storage is at a risk.

Speed = SSD, it's the future. Costly for now, it's going to get better. Capacity are not on the same level too. The biggest SSD announced is only 128GB, far from the 400,500,750GB we have now.

I wonder how far off this is from happening? It sure would be cool to have a 2.5" hard drive that held 1.5 terrabytes!