Fujitsu to show laptop with wooden case

Could this be the environmentally friendly laptop PC of the future? Fujitsu will unveil later this week a laptop PC with a case manufactured from wood rather than the more traditional plastic or metal. The laptop, which is only a prototype, uses cedar wood for the case and also makes use of bio-plastics for parts. Bio-plastics are plastics produced from renewable sources such as vegetable oil rather than petroleum used in traditional plastics.

The laptop PC carries the names of Fujitsu and Monacca, a Japanese design team that specializes in wooden products. Monacca has a range of furniture and bags made from wood on sale via its Web site and recently launched a desktop calculator with a distinctive large, round wooden case.

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What a stupid move by Fujitsu. They now want to cut down more pristine trees for the sake of laptops?? What is the freaking point of it? Why not focus on making a recycle-able very light yet strong carbon fiber type laptop case?

Back in the 90's there was a company that offered wooden computer cases as well as for printers and even monitors.

how can this be better? ... cutting down trees to make laptop cases? ... i think NOT .. and on the other hand why not use recyclable plastics (tons of coke bottles ) ... or i dono ... some carbon fiber or something else ...