Full Versions Of Tribes And Tribes 2 Released

As promised some time ago, VUGames has now released the full versions of both Tribes and Tribes 2 for free as a promotion for the next upcoming game in the multiplayer shooter series Tribes: Vengeance. You can download the games at FilePlanet for Tribes and Tribes 2, the latter of which apparently will only have a limited amount of keys available.

News source: HomeLan Fed

Download: Tribes (135.7Mb)

Download: Tribes 2 (538.6Mb)

View: Official website

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Man, I haven't played Tribes 2 in a long time, lost my cd and gave up on it. But man I downloaded this the instant I got the email about it, and man it's still the best.

you can only get a key buy downloading from fileplanet?

are the downloads only available at file planet?