Full web browsing for Windows Mobile earlier than expected

From ms mobiles: CEO of HTC told us that full web browsing is coming to HTC phones next year, what may mean that either Microsoft will release then next version of Windows Mobile (i.e. Windows Mobile 7 - Microsoft employees already carry it around in their phones) with new version of Pocket Internet Explorer, or, that HTC will be pre-installing some 3rd party browser.

Maybe however users of Windows Mobile phones will not have to wait till next year! Read on!

While Picsel Technologies company already offers Internet browser for Windows Mobile with overview mode, it is offered only for manufacturers and not for end users. On the other hand Opera - a company located in Norway - is offering their browser also for end users.

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I used mobile Opera for a while on my Blackjack, but I didn't use the "full browsing" mode, it isn't really feasible on like a 2" screen. It was ages better then IE though, I might buy it since my beta expired.

i use OSS browser for symbian S60... it renders the pc like in the PC :D
and this is a nokia browser 2 year old xD

Woo Opera!

They've got the one and only super fancy Wii browser. And now this. They're apparently covering all the bases.

I love me some Opera.

Evolution said,
Or maybe they're talking about DeepFish :/

Deepfish was announced before WM6 and today still is a private "beta". Deepfish smell fishy.

And the funny parts it's that manufactured (with some exception by models) don't give a OS upgrade for free (or paid for).