Full Windows Phone 7 update details to be announced late February

After the Microsoft Keynote today, where we expected to get at least a tiny bit of news about new Windows Phone 7 features, no one was sure when we'd actually hear much more than tidbits about Copy & Paste.

Neowin has had it confirmed to that we'll be seeing more information about future updates at Mobile World Congress, which will be held in late February. The conference is where Microsoft first officially announced Windows Phone 7 last year. Mobile World Congress is held in Barcelona each year. 

We received confirmation in the form of a tweet from a Microsoft Employee;

It's likely we'll hear about the rumored "NoDo" and "Mango," the updates which had information made public by Paul Thurrott a day before the Microsoft keynote. In amongst rumored features will be a browser update to the IE9 rendering engine, Copy & Paste support, performance tweaks and entertainment enhancements.

It's good to know when the announcements will be made -- even if they still are over a month away -- Windows Phone 7 owners now have another date to look forward to.

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They said they want to focus more on the consumer with this new phone platform but they didn't even announce one new consumer oriented feature on the largest consumer show in the world?

To be honest, I was really disappointed after Ballmers keynote. If they don't wanne announce something that's OK. Then they shouldn't do a keynote, IMO.

What's the date for MWC? Last year I think it was on the 15th? Still all that says is that we'll get more info on future updates, I think we'll still see one before then, to get CDMA out the door before MWC.