Futuremark's next goal: PC Game Development

They're the leading figure in PC benchmark programs, technology showcases and cutting edge demos. You'd be forgiven if you thought there was nothing else that Futuremark Corporation could do but amazingly there is, and today they've proudly announced just what that is. Say hello to the new Futuremark Games Studio!

Yes, you read that correctly - the developers of 3DMark, PCMark, mobile technology and numerous demos have taken a big step forward and entered the world of PC game making. Scary stuff in this day and age, but it's not as if they're complete newbies at the whole thing; after all, 3DMark has always been developed with the knowledge of where game technology is heading for, and they've been able to code for all kinds of different hardware configurations.

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(Pranjal said @ #9)
Their games will be nearly unplayable for the present day PCs considering their record and their developmental talents.

Much as that's the obvious joke... You do realise that 3DMark is deliberately designed to murder all but the best setups, right? If anything, Futuremark would have more knowledge than others on how to optimise things well, when they need to.



But in all seriousness, good to hear! I think they'll do very well with the knowledge they've collected over the years, and they still seem to have some drive for the arts...

Unlike some other game companies.

- Tobin

(Harlem39s Finest said @ #1)
interesting, wonder how its gonna turn out...

Like their test software, their games will have parts that'll render at 2-3 fps on the latest and greatest hardware.