Who needs dual screen monitors?

Enough said.

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Do you notice the big difference between the three built in screens? I can!

I'd rather have 2x 24" screens rather that long pile of crap any day.

You can get a 37" or bigger LCD monitor, crop the top and bottom with black paint if you want that super wide screen look, and voila, no seams.

Seeing where the screens meet would annoy the HELL out of me. If only it were a lot less noticeable... Interesting idea nonetheless.

I think it actually works as 3 screens, rather than 1 large one, so apps will maximise to individual screens. Therefore kicking a dual monitor setups arse.

DARKFiB3R said,
Still a lot better than 4 inches worth of bezel x2

Exactly, this shade is a lot better than the monitors frame and space between.