Galaxy Nexus review: the sweetest aftertaste

Video Overview

Don’t feel like reading the past few pages? Want to see most of the hardware features of the Galaxy Nexus in the one sort-of-short video? Well I’ve compiled a video overview here that goes lightly over the aspects of the Nexus I’ve discussed previously.

If you want more detail I would highly recommend checking what I have written previously as I do go into a lot of depth, especially when you combine it with my previous Android 4.0 review.


If you are thinking about buying a Galaxy Nexus you should think no longer: the new Google phone powered by Android 4.0 is one of the best Android devices on the market right now. The hardware is well crafted and very comfortable to hold; the display is large and simply beautiful; the camera takes amazing still shots.

Even better is the software that accompanies the hardware. The sheer wealth of new features, design improvements and usability enhancements is staggering, bringing Android 4.0 to a consistent and modern era. Google should be proud that the software they have delivered on the Galaxy Nexus, without an OEM skin, is finally ready for the consumer.

Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” review

The device also performs very well despite the somewhat old graphics hardware. The OS is hardware accelerated to deliver the smoothest Android experience to date with absolutely no lag anywhere, ever. The browser is more responsive than ever, the camera is supercharged with zero shutter lag and gaming performance is good considering the SGX540 and display resolution.

The Galaxy Nexus retails for approximately US$750 unlocked and outright, and when it comes officially to the United States on Verizon (with LTE) it is expected to go for US$299 on a 24-month contract. Considering how good this top-of-the-range device is and how much development the OS required, I would say this is a fair price leaning on the expensive side. Buying one is not going to be cheap, but it’s not overpriced either and the product you are left with is no disappointment at all.

If you are going Google, go Galaxy Nexus: the purest of Android experiences is ready for primetime and leaves a sweet, Ice Cream Sandwich aftertaste.

Big thanks again to MobiCity for providing the Galaxy Nexus for both this review and the Android 4.0 review. Your continued support of Neowin is simply fantastic and we really appreciate it.

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