Galaxy Note 10.1 available now, rooted in two days

Our friends over at Engadget have reported that the Galaxy Note 10.1 has been rooted by an industrious XDA Developer user going by the name Zedomax.

Zedomax achieved his goal by injecting root in the stock European firmware and then installing the superuser version in the regular ODIN way. If like me you’re new to the process, ODIN is a piece of software that is used to flash files, like ROMs on any Samsung smartphone or tablet device. For anyone wanting to try this, be aware the usual bricking rules and warnings apply.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 is the latest tablet to be release from Samsung. It sports a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor; 2GB RAM, comes in 3 different storage configurations (16/32/64GB) and runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The main difference between the Note 10.1, and say the Galaxy Tab 2, is that the Note makes use of a stylus to interact with the OS and apps, as well as the normal touch techniques. Read our report on the device and watch a video, showing the interface and stylus interactions, here.

Source: Engadget via XDA Developers
Image: Ubergizmo

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Is it really news anymore when a new Android device is rooted, the concept and methods are basically the same and the results are expected.

hey stop worrying about apple and enjoy Samsung tech what's the purpose of exalting Android and Samsung if you keep whining about everything apple does?

Odom said,
Grab it before Apple sues and it gets banned from being sold :-)

Instead of a software jailbreak window, we got a hardware jailbreak window!

Redberry said,
Nice, but maybe a noob question here but any here goes....

Will this tablet support Windows 8 ? thx

Nope, WindowsRT will only run on devices designed for it and authorized by MS.

It's a rectangle with rounded corners!! It's black!! It has square icons in a grid layout at the bottom of the screen!!! I'm sure it can parse links!!!!

Apple - sue!!

This is going to be one awesome tablet. They will just corner the market for productivity apps. Businesses will love apps that use S-Pen, Medical professionals in particular will go for it, it's mostly doctors who use the original Windows Tablet PCs.