Gallery: A visual tour of Nintendo's E3 booth

It’s the first day of E3 2014 and we are hitting the show floor to bring you in-depth coverage of the videogame industries hottest upcoming titles. 

Nintendo was located in the far right of West Hall next to the gigantic Sony booth. It was odd transitioning from Sony and Microsoft, which had massive booths compared to Nintendo's. The struggling company had a handful of games to show off with a majority of the space being dedicated to Super Smash Bros, for the Wii U and 3DS.  

Nintendo also had demo kiosks of Hyrule Warriors, Yoshi's Wooly World, Mario Maker and other third party titles. One of the more unique titles on hand was Splatoon. It is a team-based multiplayer shooter that will have you in control of a painter that can transform between human and squid form. Each form will have its own unique set of attributes that will aid players in different ways. Splatoon does not have a hard release date, but is expected sometime in 2015. 

Nintendo had a set of amiibos on display. These newly introduced interactive toys will allow you to enjoy your Wii U titles like never before. Amiibo's will be launched for several games starting with Super Smash Bros. 

Hope you enjoyed the first day of coverage at E3. Stay tuned as we have two more days of coverage, and follow us as we head to other parts of the show floor to bring you some of the most interesting tidbits at E3 2014.

Videos via Nintendo

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Splatoon and Amiibo both look great but they're not worth buying a Wii U for. Nintendo really should look to make these products multiplatform, as I'd love to play them on PC.

Wow those Amiibos look amazing, i want them now :( I too will always have a soft spot for Nintendo, they seem to have stepped it up a bit.. I'll definitely be buying a Wii U in the near future.

Man I will always have a soft spot for Nintendo, their hardware is the best when it comes to being durable...seriously I don't know how many Nintendo devices and peripherals I've thrown, stepped on and hammered in anger while growing up (I'm looking at you Contra) . I just wish Nintendo grew up with me, I wish they had more mature content, I've simply grown out of most of their franchises....not to say they are of poor quality because I know thats not the case just that the subject matter no longer appeals to me...I just can't escape into a bright mushroom kingdom as a mid thirties man like I could when I was a 10 year old kid.

If Nintendo put more effort into some mature software, maybe realize that a lot of their fan base from the 80's/90's are now grown up, I think they would have a better chance in todays market. I know I am not the only one who would have no issues going back to Nintendo if only the software was there.

Great shots by the way