Sony Working On PS3 Without Blu-Ray Drive

According to exclusive sources, Sony is looking to drop Blu-Ray support from some PS3 models in the near future. With the format war over, the company is no longer seeing the game console as a trojan horse for their high-def format. Instead, they intend to compete more strongly with rivals Microsoft and Nintendo and expand into a growing market at the same time.

The system configuration is purported to have 40GB, 80GB, and a new 120GB option for storage. The smallest model is intended to compete with Microsoft's Xbox 360 Arcade model and Nintendo's Wii. The upper level models are intended for frequent downloaders of games and other content onto their systems. Exact price points were not provided to us, but they are reportedly "positioned to be highly competitive" and will "make the PS3 a compelling option [for many consumers]".

This marks an interesting departure for the console world. This new system mirrors the previous attempts of the failed Phantom console system. However, with the brand recognition of the Playstation name, Sony believes it has a legitimate chance to make downloadable games a more serious contender in the console market. With the coming focus on consoles as a IPTV frontends and increased usability of network media playback, it appears Sony is positioning itself to greatly capitalize on this new market. No estimate was given for the release date of the new system configurations.

Link: Phantom History
Link: Playstation Site

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