Nintendo files patent application for a Wii cushion

Nintendo are known for unique and original methods of controlling games, from pioneering shoulder buttons to their recent pulse monitor, and a recent patent application for a cushion with a pocket for holding a Wii remote while the user holds an attached nunchuk looks like it could possibly continue this trend. The idea is that the user can tilt back and forth on said cushion while using the nunchuk in unison to control a horse (or possibly another animal).

According to Nintendo, "For centuries throughout the world, horseback riding has captured the imagination of adventurous people". So there you have it. Forget shaking a stick to make a man fly through space, or attempting to do an uncomfortably large amount of pushups on a board, the real adventure is riding a cushion with a pocket.

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I wonder what other games could use this kind of controller (can u call it a controller?)
It requires you to bounce up and down on a seat... anyone see another game type here?


"For centuries throughout the world, horseback riding has captured the imagination of adventurous people".

Wow. Hm... I guess riding horses is an unusual thing in Japan...

It seems strange, but it's Nintendo, so I'm sure they'd find a way to make it work. LOL

And here I thought Nintendo was going to make a woopy cushion for their console... Potty Training with the Wii Cushion!

Seriously? Wow. I sure am glad all the stores were sold out of Wii's when it was all-the-rave and I was itching to buy one. That itch is long-gone now.

I can see it now. You are sitting on the couch playing Mario Kart on the Wii. You are coming around the finish line. All of the sudden you fart and go into hyper-drive thus wining the race.

Both this device and that wii fit board reminds me of that old joyboard amiga did for atari, ah guru meditation, the memories...

seriously? artical i saw implied it was just "discovered" dispite being filed around when the release went live. My bad, should have looked closer.

they filed for it ages ago *groans* and there's been no evidence that they're actually planning on making it. companies like nintendo file hundreds of thousands of patents in their lifetimes, and considering how badly nintendo's been on the reciving end of lawsuits one can hardly blame them for filing something even as silly as this...