GameStop to get new Xbox One-PS4 units this weekend; Walmart stores sell PS4 on Sunday

It's definitely been hard to buy new Xbox One or PlayStation 4 units online. Amazon has replenished its shipments of both consoles since their respective launches, but they quickly sold out a few hours after going live. However, it's been even harder to get Microsoft and Sony's new hardware products  the old fashioned way, via brick-and-mortar stores.

This weekend, U.S. shoppers might be able to buy one or both of these new consoles if they are quick enough. GameSpot reports that retailer GameStop will have a "limited" number of new Xbox One and PS4 units in its stores this weekend. The company suggests that people who live near a GameStop location call ahead to see if they have any consoles on sale or check the GameStop website to see if it shows they are available.

Walmart stores in the U.S. were among the thousands that were open at midnight to sell both the Xbox One and PS4 on their launch dates. If you really want Sony's next-gen machine, you might want to check your local Walmart store this weekend. GameSpot reports the retailer will sell new units at 8 am Sunday. Walmart says this will be their biggest ever shipment of PS4 consoles which certainly sounds encouraging for shoppers. New PS4 units will also go on sale online at Walmart's website.

If you still want an Xbox One, Best Buy's website is currently showing that it is available for sale, with delivery scheduled by December 24th.

Source: Gamespot 1 and 2 | Images via Microsoft and Sony

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Called the two GameStops near me outside Philly. Both told me "they will have 3 in stock when they open tomorrow" One store in the mall opens at 8, the other store opens at 10am. So..take my chances and HOPE no one will be at the GameStop 10am store - especially with the wintery lousy weather here (Ill drive by at 9am..see if theres a line outside) Few weeks ago they had a few in stock, I went in and they only had the insane $900+ bundle system. I don't need that.

Or head about 9 miles away to the nearest Walmart and ugh...who knows, I hate that place. All about timing patience - which I lack-, and luck at this point. Also how bad the roads will be early tomorrow. Not risking an accident on icy roads for a game system.

I'm so thankful that I was lucky enough to get one a couple of weeks ago and no longer have to go through hell searching for one everyday just to be disappointed at the end of the night empty handed.

The Gamestop around my way has plenty Xbox one but everyone is asking for the ps4. It's a shame, Microsoft really screwed up this time around.

So because someone at Gamestop tells you that everyone is asking for the PS4 and they currently have the XB1 in stock, you conclude that Microsoft screwed up.

Brilliant reasoning.

The fact of the matter is that both systems have their strengths and weaknesses, and will no doubt bring in billions of dollars of revenue to Sony & Microsoft over their life span.

Edited by COKid, Dec 15 2013, 6:05am :

I went to my local sears last night to do some shopping and they actually had a few of each just sitting on the shelf.

DoctorD said,
I went to my local sears last night to do some shopping and they actually had a few of each just sitting on the shelf.

Nobody has been in Sears in decades.

But really, I love Sears.

Its like companies are not producing their products.

Iphones 5s are on shortage, Xbox one is on shortage, PS4 is on shortage,MS Surface 512GB is on shortage and the list goes on...