Gaming news round-up: December 7-8

We skipped a gaming news round-up day on Tuesday so consider this to be a catch up for that delay:

Star Wars The Old Republic pre-orders play the game one week early - People who have pre-ordered the long awaited MMO from BioWare can now pre-load the game. They will also be able to start playing on the game's servers on December 13, one week before the official launch date of December 20.

Serious Sam 3's version of DRM - People who play pirated copies of Croteam's recent first person shooter get defeated quickly in the first level as they encounter one of the game's monsters, a machine gun armed scorpion, that cannot die and goes after the pirated player until he dies.

Batman Arkham City PC DirectX 11 patch released - PC owners of the recent super hero action game can now play it with the DirectX 11 graphics turned on. The DirectX 11 features only work on 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

THQ lowers revenue outlook for current quarter - THQ announced that it is lowering its revenue outlook for its current finanical quarter by 25 percent due in part to lower than expected sales of its uDraw tablet for the Xbox 360 and PS3 console.

Steam adds coupon code support - Users of the Steam PC game download service can now type in coupon codes for games that offer players a chance to save money on purchases.

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Lol I like how their fighting against piracy! Instead of trying to block the content, make the content work against the player =P.

FoxieFoxie said,
> Serious Sam 3: BFE - DRM Introduces Immortal Scorpion

I don't understand. If game is cracked, how can they know that?

Exactly. In Crysis, the same thing happened. If your game was cracked, you got stuck, not knowing what to do, in the last level. People who pirate the game get confused, they report it as a bug, and devs know who cracked the game because they are able to reproduce the bug on a pirated copy on their PCs