Gaming news round up: July 12

It was a busy day today in gaming news and indeed for tech news in general. Let's look at what nuggets of game news came up from the surface today.

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"For some reason the URL is currently redirecting to the official Battlefield 3 web site."

EA never purchased that domain. The official domain for MW3 is

it follows the same pattern as

Someone independent most likely bought the domain and setup a redirect to BF3 site out of spite or laughs lol.

MW3 domain is registered through a go-daddy registry as where the official BF3 site is registered with corporate domains

"Speaking of BioWare, Christina Norman, the lead game designer for Mass Effect 2 and 3, has left the developer to join League of Legends creator Riot Games."

Romance options in LoL?

Annie/Kog'Maw FTW!