Gaming news round up: July 25-31

With the launch of Neowin's new web site we have decided to do our round-up of gaming news for the end of the week. We still plan to post major gaming news on the front page:

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Surprised that EVO, the world's largest and greatest yearly fighting game tournament didn't even get mentioned. People came from Australia, Japan, Korea, EU, all to Las Vegas to compete and it just ended a few hours ago.

There was something like 1.1 million viewers just on the stream alone.

Perfect Legend, who won the Mortal Kombat tournament, was even trending on Twitter in 7th place - you know how many people were tweeting about the tournament this weekend in order for that to happen?

Another dev using Cryengine 3 ay? I wonder if a few more might follow. I've got no idea how friendly it is to work with but it sure looks pretty and seems to be optimised really well for both consoles and PC.