Gaming news round-up: November 10-11

Sorry for the late gaming round up news post. We were too busy playing Skyrim. We are sure all of you understand. Look for our weekend gaming news post to be ready as usual late on Sunday.

Huge amount of Skyrim Steam PC players on first day - The cyber attack issues with Steam have not kept lots of people playing the PC Steamworks-based version of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. The Steam stats page show that at one time today over 230,000 players at once were playing the game.

Gotham City Imposters gets early 2012 release date - The multiplayer first person shooter where players take on roles inspired by Batman and The Joker will be released by Warner Bros. Interactive on January 10, 2012. A beta test for the game will be offered in December.

Everquest II to go free-to-play - The latest major MMO game to move to the free-to-play business model is Sony Online's fantasy themed RPG. It will officially switch to the free model in early December.

DC Universe Online gains 1 million new players - In related news, Sony Online has announced that over 1 million new players have joined the super hero MMO since switching to the free-to-play model last week.

No "always on" DRM for PC Assassin's Creed Revelations - The upcoming PC port of Ubisoft's action game will not have the awful DRM set-up that the publisher put in other PC games that requires an "always on" Internet connection in order to play the game.

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There's another perspective. I have a two year old laptop with an ati 5870, which at the time was top of the line. Now I can play most games including skyrim at around 30fps with decent settings. In other words, most new stuff is still playable and looks pretty good. For that matter my GF is playing skyrim on a 5 year old dual core with nvidia 8800 on low settings.

Bottom line: Many people like NOT having to upgrade to play newer games. They just weren't scaling well for a while there, now with all the ports they are.

They could do a better job with the stuff you mentioned, but dollars rule and it makes more economic sense to do what they're doing. When $ go down, then change will happen. "Hard core" gamers aren't able to dictate things anymore. Spending hundreds every year for the latest and greatest does suck when you see no reward though.

FoxieFoxie said,
You missed:

Skyrim on PC is a trainwreck. Bethesda just no longer gives a **** about PC gamers.

Cant change mouse sensitivity
Cant use mouse on some menus, horrible UI designed for consoles only
Volume so low that i can hardly hear people speak
If i turn 30 degrees away from somebody talking i dont hear a god damn thing.

It most likely wasn't mentioned because the half-assing of a pc version of a game is so common anymore that it's not really news.