Gaming News Round-Up: November 16

As usual, there are a lot of interesting gaming news bits flying around the Internet. Thankfully we can catch them in our Internet news web:

Shipment numbers for Skyrim - Bethesda Softworks announced that it has shipped seven million copies of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim since the game was released on November 11. Over half of the launch shipments were sold in the first 48 hours.

Stardock titles coming to Steam - Stardock's many PC game titles will start being sold on Steam with the first, Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity, now available on Valve's service. Stardock sold off its own PC game download service, Impulse, to GameStop earlier this year.

Free game for PS3 Saints Row The Third owners - If Playstation 3 owners of Volition's open world action game redeem their online pass within 90 days they will get a free downlodable copy of Saints Row 2.

UK EA Origin users get free game - If you live in the UK and install the client program for EA's Origin download service you will get a free copy of Burnout Paradise for a limited time.

Avalanche Studios reveal "Project Mamba" - The studio behind the Just Cause games has officially announced that its new New York City offices are at work on "Project Mamba" a major game for the PC and consoles that isn't due for release until 2014.

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Stardock titles coming to Steam

Interesting. Will they be mac compatible though?

Free game for PS3 Saints Row The Third owners

Hmm, this could well be a major selling point for me. I've never played the Saints Row series, but my friend played 2 one evening and it looked like quite a bit of fun. Getting Saints Row 2 and 3 for the price of Saints Row 3 sounds like a bargain.