Gaming news round-up: November 23

Call of Duty Elite signed up 1 million people for its paid service in less than a week. That's pretty impressive considering the service didn't work very well at launch. Let's look at some more gaming news that happened on Tuesday:

Rage demo released - A demo of id Software's recent first person shooter is now available for Xbox 360 owners to download. The PS3 demo will be released on December 6. There's no word yet if a PC demo, or perhaps a free weekend via Steam, will be made available.

Humble Introversion Bundle launched - The latest mini-Humble Indie Bundle gives people a chance to purchase a boatload of games from indie developer Introversion, including two unreleased prototype games, for as much or as little as they want.

Unit 13 announced - Zipper Interactive, the makers of the popular SOCOM Playstation shooter games, have announced an all new shooter game, Unit 13, made exclusively for the upcoming PS Vita portable console.

New Bioware game teaser video - Three more seconds of Bioware's next, unannounced, game can be seen near the end of this new teaser video. The glimpse of the game, which seems to show tanks battling each other, will be fully revealed in December at the Spike Video Game Awards.

Spec Ops: The Line now due in spring 2012 -  The third person military shooter from developer Yager and publisher 2K Games, now has a spring 2012 release time table after falling off the radar for over a year.

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ReDFoX2200 said,
I think a rage free weekend on steam is a bad idea! who would want to download a 25GB game just to try it out?

I would. 50Mb broadband FTW. ^_^

I already got me the new Humble Bundle. I've wanted Defcon for a long time and now I got it for a nice price, with a bunch of other cool games as well (like Darwinia and Aquaria).

You even get Steam-codes for all the games (except the prototypes). I can highly recommend this bundle!