Gaming news round-up: November 5-6

You have less than 24 hours to enter for a chance to win one of our 25 Tribes Ascend beta codes. In the meantime let's look at what has popped up on the gaming news scene in the past couple of days:

Minecraft reaches 4 million sales milestone - As expected the sandbox PC game sold its 4 millionth copy via download just a few days before the game is expected to finally dump its "beta" designation and officially launch.

Modern Warfare 3 celeb launch trailer - Actors Sam Worthington and Jonah Hill are featured in the launch trailer-TV commercial for Activision's first person shooter that should officially launch in the US later tonight.

Get free Stealth Bastard game - A new 2D stealth action game from the development team behind the indie game Explodemon has been released, along with its level editor, for free.

Star Wars The Old Republic early access details - Depending on when you pre-ordered the upcoming BioWare MMO, you will be able to start playing the game up to five days before its official launch date of December 20.

Harmonix bounces back from the brink - In 2010, the game development company was dealing with losing sales of its Rock Band franchise. Now Harmonix has come back thanks to the sale success of its Dance Central Kinect titles from Microsoft.

Krater announced - Game Developer Fatshark has announced a top down post-apocalypse RPG due for release for the PC in 2012.

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Glad to hear Harmonix have bounced back.

It's very unlikely we'll see a Rock Band 4 (Harmonix are busy with the Dance Central series now, and Rock Band 3's near-perfect already), so the next best way they could increase their revenue is if they decided to just lower the price of Rock Band DLC by a tiny bit; say from 160MSP to 120MSP (along with Pro Guitar/Bass upgrades and cheaper songs down from 80MSP down to 60MSP; and just get rid of those few greedy artists who charge 240MSP for their songs, like Mayday Parade).

Or maybe even offer up a DLC "Season Pass", similar to the Zune Pass; say for 4,000MSP (or 5,000MSP; we know how greedy record labels are ) a year/600MSP a month, you get unlimited access to all the DLC songs along with any Pro Guitar/Bass upgrades as long as you're subscribed (plus you get to keep, let's say 3 songs (or one regular 3-pack of songs) every month you're subscribed). Obviously, that would be very very difficult to sell to all the artists and record companies though, so it'll probably just remain a pipedream that in my head that I only just came up with mere minutes ago.

Regarding Krater, isn't that just going to be like the original Fallout and Fallout 2? In fact, one of the developers even lists it as a source for his inspiration. Then again, I guess there is a difference between post-apocalyptic and post-nuclear-war.

Oh well, post-apocalyptic scenarios are always fun.