Gartner: HD DVD Price Cuts Only Prolong Agony

Price cuts by Toshiba on its HD DVD players in the U.S. earlier this month may prove to be "useless resistance" in the battle against the rival Blu-ray Disc optical disc format, according to Gartner.

The market research company expects Blu-ray Disc to win the battle against HD DVD (high definition digital video disc) in the consumer market by the end of 2008, becoming the next generation replacement for DVDs.

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They both will co-exist until somebody comes up with a new solution out of nowhere. Kinda like CD-R and MiniDisc, then comes MP3 which pretty much kills both. Bad analogy, I know, but you get the idea.

(Dakkaroth said @ #6.1)
What's MiniDisc? :huh:

Another Sony stunt a couple of years back to change mainstream media. Although it was a good idea, but it failed.

It's interesting to see this statement coming from Gartner. It simply reinforces what many people have come to accept as inevitable - that Blu-ray will win the format war. With cheaper prices and exclusive studios HD-DVD has still been unable to lead the market and their share has actually been decreasing. With Blu-ray becoming ever cheaper it seems only a matter of time until it takes over.

Despite HD-DVDs merits I believe that this is a good move for the consumer. Consumers don't benefit from a format war, only the multi-billion dollar companies behind the formats do - neither have fought a clean war so it's pretty much irrelevant which one wins, just that one does.

yay, a bad media will win the war again... stupid blu-ray that update every weeks so my blu-ray player stop reading them... or just don't read it like spider-man 3... oh yeah, talking of not reading and no backward compatibility, blu-ray 2.0 anyone? that is to be ps3 only and newer b-r after it goes out?? What a joke, that's how sony always did there market, screwing customer. Oh yeah, and region encoded dvd, another stupid thing that was invented.

Oh and just to stop a flame that might get in sony fanboy, I'm no fanboy of hd-dvd, microsoft or all of those. I own both format and have a ps3 and 360 (and wii) so don't call me a fanboy. I simply know that hd-dvd is more worth it for the consumer then b-r.

Retailers should just get together and make a blanket decision on what format to carry and end this nonsense once and for all. All a format war does is dilute and confuse the consumer/market and make people like me sit on the sidelines waiting for a victor.

Agony yes and still, with Universal and Paramount on HD-DVD, it's still impossible to have the complete catalog of movies on one format (Blu-Ray).

It is useless and it's not good for consumer in the end (even if HD-DVD is dirt cheap, complete, blah blah blah).