Gartner: Vista antitrust tweaks to take years

Antitrust related changes to security in Windows Vista 64-bit will take years to complete and will cause compatibility trouble in the interim, according to Gartner.

Users of security technologies such as host intrusion-prevention systems, or HIPS, should postpone buying 64-bit versions of Vista, Gartner analyst Neil MacDonald wrote in a research note published on Wednesday. MacDonald also noted that many integrated security products today include HIPS functionality.

In response to antitrust concerns from the European Commission, Microsoft last week said third-party security software will be able to interact with the kernel of 64-bit versions of Vista. Security companies now have unfettered access to the core of 32-bit versions of Windows. But they complained that a kernel shield called PatchGuard in 64-bit versions of Vista, which is intended to stop hackers, blocks security products, too. 64-bit Windows is expected to eventually supplant 32-bit versions.

While Microsoft has promised to give its security rivals controlled access to the Vista kernel, the programming interfaces to do so still need to be developed.

Access to the Vista kernel is one of two concessions Microsoft made. The Redmond, Wash., software giant has already provided security companies with a way to disable alerts sent out by the Windows Security Center, if their third-party protective software is installed.

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Poor MS can't win.....people bitch and moan about xp problems with virus' and spyware, and when they actually produce an OS that is more secure and can offer a total package for your PC needs, other's cry foul.

Have to agree with previous comment, I don't want a third party AV software sloowing my system (Norton anyone?)

Since moving to Vista RC2 (5744), smooth and lipsmacking good...have used AVG (only 1 I could find that worked with this Vista version..but not bad) but would certainly consider an "all in package"
The fact MS have had such a massive response to their Vista beta program, shows that a lot of people will get Vista.
However, as stated on another "Win" site, for the price they'll be selling the OS for, the mistake they made was not already including an AV for free.
This would have appealed to the average joe...."right got Vista, now where the hell's the antivirus, and which 1 will work with it?"

User (continued)>
Where the hell is browser?
And how am I supposed to watch videos?
And didn't Windows XP have notepad and paint?

EU and its crowd of ass-lickers>
Fair competition, anyone?

I think we should all kick up a stink over not getting PatchGuard in the 32 bit version of Vista myself! Bo*****s to backwards compatibility! I want a safer 32 bit OS!