Gas Powered Games debates continuing Kickstarter effort after mass layoffs

A few days ago, Gas Powered Games launched its Kickstarter fund raising campaign for Wildman, its upcoming RPG-RTS title. On Friday, word got out that the vast majority of the studio's employees had been laid off. Now the company's founder and CEO Chris Taylor is explaining the company's current situation.

In a video posted on the Wildman Kickstarter page, a clearly emotional Taylor said that the reason that he let most of his employees go was in fact to save money. He says that if he kept the team going but the Kickstarter fund raising effort had failed to reach its goal, he would have had to shut down the company and not be able to give his employees any severance pay.

Taylor said that he is leaving the continuation of the Kickstarter campaign up to the general public, asking them to post comments on the page to tell him whether or not the Wildman fund raising efforts should go on or be stopped. So far, the vast majority of the comments have urged Taylor to continue the Kickstarter efforts for Wildman.

With 27 days to go, the Wildman Kickstarter campaign has raised over $230,000, a solid start for an effort that is aiming to raise $1.1 million.

Source: Kickstarter | Image via Gas Powered Games

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I'm not sure I understand their concern. A Kickstarter that is already funded at 25% in under 4 days will easily meet and certainly largely surpass its goal. This is going very well for them. It is disconcerting to learn that the failure of this project would mean the complete shutdown of GPG, though.

Shows how bad idea was selling the good old Dungeon Siege to Square Crap, not even mentioning that Obsidian then messed it up beyond recognition. No other Diablo wannabe was as good as the first DS, especially considering its release date. Guess what? Diablo III - a regurgitated shyte - and a good hundred of clones over the years live on, but these guys have run aground.

You might as well kiss your money goodbye if you give to this Kickstarter. Sounds like nothing is going to come of it, maybe a final pay check for the CEO right before the doors close..