Gas Powered Games launches Kickstarter campaign for Wildman

As expected, developer Gas Powered Games has launched a Kickstater campaign to help fund its next major game project. It's called Wildman, and its being descreibed as a mix of RTS and RPG from the creators behind Dungeon Siege, Demigod and more.

The Kickstarter campaign page states that the player controls one hero, the "Wildman" in this fantasy themed game. The Wildman fights alongside a friendly army against an enemy force. The page states:

You support your troops with your own combat abilities and skills. You shape-shift into new forms that grant you new abilities. You upgrade your armies with new technology. You construct defenses. Your opponent switches tactics; you reconfigure your army to counter.

In addition to the real time strategy battles, Wildman allows the player to control your hero in RPG-like quests, stating, "You can explore fantastical environments. You can discover ancient dungeons full of mystery and treasure. You can earn new skills. You can discover and equip new weapons and armor. You can collect materials. You can craft new items. You can fight relentless onslaughts of men and monsters."

Gas Powered Games currently is looking for an ambitious $1.1 million from the public to fund Wildman and the team still has over 39 days to go.

Source: Kickstarter

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Looks like they will easily meet and well surpass their goal. That said, my experience with true RTS/RPG hybrids is that they're, at best, semi-lame RTSes and run-of-the-mill RPGs. Let's recall what happened when Blizzard prototyped on this idea with Warcraft 3: they eventually backed out and made a straightforward RTS instead with a few "RPG elements" in it.

Ogre Battle The Marsh of the Black Queen was a really great rts/rpg hybrid (the snes version where you could not give orders while the game was paused). If done right it can be fun.

kickstarter really should be for indie developers who don't have the means to produce games they want to make. Not for established developers looking to make a few early bucks on a game they're already making. This just feels like an extremely cost-efficient publicity campaign.

Got to say, really like that with Kickstarter, developers aren't restricted to going to publishers for funding and the control over the IP that the publishers may demand in return.