Gates, Google Convene in Switzerland

The World Economic Forum opens Wednesday in Davos, Switzerland and is expected to host 2,500 participants, each paying $35,000 to attend, The event offers both business and political leaders an opportunity to discuss their thoughts, dreams and plans in a mountainous setting. This year, discussion will focus on what organizers are calling the "Shifting Power Equation" by identifying business shifts that climate change could cause. Google will host a gathering Friday night at the Kirschner Museum while Gates and New York Times columnist Tom Friedman will host a breakfast meeting Saturday morning.

At the event three years ago, Gates predicted that spam would disappear in two years – we're all disappointed that one didn't work out. Gates also incorrectly predicted Microsoft catching Google in the internet search market. This year, Gates will discuss philanthropy. Google is co-sponsoring the event. Sergey Brin and Larry Page (the firm's two founders) as well as CEO and Chairman Schmidt and finally Chad Hurley, YouTube's chief and founder, will all be present. At last year's Google-sponsored event, Brin lectured guests on the Middle East.

News source: InformationWeek

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"Gates also incorrectly predicted Microsoft catching Google in the internet search market"

But it will not be the case after two years from now..where about altavista...once it was that google will disappear..its just another company like yahoo...once yahoo chat was very loses the profit in its quarter earnings!...i hate google always!

guruparan said,
..its just another company like yahoo...

...or Microsoft. Nothing lives forever. Which is too bad. The more competition there is in the IT industry, the better it is for the consumer (you and me).

i think yahoo chat got killed and lost popularity because it was more compelling to do voice and video. how many chatrooms supported this? heck, did chatrooms ever support this?

yahoo saw less and less people using chatrooms and with the odd script-kiddie using progs to kick people out of chats and flooding the screen with ascii art... i dunno, it just seems like it got out of hand and unpopular.

If my calculator reads right 2500 * 35000 = holy crap lots of money...87.500.000. What does that go to, did they create a convention center just for this?