Gates to Tout First 100 Days of Vista at WinHEC

The 2,700 attendees at Microsoft's annual Windows Hardware Engineering Conference here are going to get an earful about Windows Vista, the upcoming Windows Server "Longhorn" and Windows Home Server—and that's just from the keynote addresses. "There are three big themes for this conference, the first of which is the industry impact of the Windows platform," Kevin Kutz, a director in Microsoft's Windows client group, told eWEEK in an interview ahead of the WinHEC conference.

"We really want to demonstrate and underscore how important Windows remains as a platform for innovation, and we will try and showcase that as much as possible," he said. The second theme is all about the first 100 days of Windows Vista and an update on market momentum, as well as an opportunity to demonstrate the things that partners have attached themselves to and used to create new and innovative products, he said

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8n1 I know its cpu mhz that's more, but it's probably because video drivers in vista suck since they are new and therefore they figure a faster cpu will compensate. Neither Vista nor XP do much when an app goes full screen, nothing added to Vista would slow a full screen app down except the redone driver model and only because drivers need a lot of tweaking to reach their peaks and XP drivers have had like 6 years to do this. And why did you uninstall Vista Business, might I ask? I use Vista ultimate, it's way more stable and compatible, to my utter surprise. Vista met little fanfair in the computer world but it makes XP look like a stepchild in my experience, except of course for my nvidia drivers that suck quite a bit. Some Major hardware companies had time and still fumbled with Vista, they have no excuse as far as I'm concerned. When these driver issues get all fixed people will wonder how anyone got by on XP.

And krusty what are YOU talking about? killed pc gaming how? The game developers, you know, the guys that make the games, seem quite happy with MS and provide direct input into what features go in and not in windows, what more could they do? People like you never say what MS should've done until someone asks then you say something stupid and obvious like 'they should open source windows and merge it with linux' or some retarded variation of this just to appear to be saying something, I mean, what do you know anyways dude? And if MS killed PC gaming
what do you make of: Serious Sam 3, Crysis, Far Cry 2, Halflife 2: Episode 2, Teamfortress 2, Portal, Unreal Tournament 3, flashpoint 2, bioshock, system shock 3, fallout 3, and Call of Duty 4. And those are JUST triple-A FPS titles that are coming out. PC gaming has never been more alive if you open your eyes.

The First 100 Days of Vista, woo-hoo!

I installed Vista Business at work months ago, and uninstalled it the next day. Won't be installing it at home for the forseeable future, either.

It's wonderful how PC video games now have two sets of requirements; one for XP, and one that requires 200 mhz faster processor speed for Vista...